October 2017

Add the Power of Plants to Your Smoothies – Soy, Pea, and Hemp Proteins

It’s arguably the most basic thing you learn when you want to start building your muscles – they need protein to grow. While you may be able to list foods that contain ample amounts of protein, you may not realize that different types of protein have different effects on your body. Explore the differences between major types of powdered protein and consider which ones you want to implement in your diet plan. The Smoothie – A Fitness Gamechanger After [...]

Fashion Meets Compassion: An Interview with the Owner of Vegan Chic

Everyone knows that veganism is a choice to eliminate animal products from your diet, but it’s easy to forget that it’s so much more than that. Products ranging from wine to purses regularly use animal products in their construction, and it’s important for savvy vegans to distinguish between them. Fortunately, vegan business owners like Mark Mulcahy do due diligence to ensure that their products truly are worthy of the cruelty-free label. Vegan Businesses – Putting Values at the Forefront The [...]

Serious about Getting Shredded? Keto Can Help!

If you’re into staying fit, then it’s likely that you’ve tried a low-carb diet at some point in your life. From Atkins to Paleo, there are many popular diets that are driven by a very low intake of carbohydrates. The ketogenic diet, or keto as it’s often called, takes the low carb diet a step further, using it as a method to produce ketones. As you enter a state of ketosis, the lack of carbs causes your body to [...]

September 2017

6 Emerging Fitness Trends You Should Know About in 2017

To those who are passionate about their level of fitness, every advantage counts. From supplements to elaborate diet plans, there are numerous ways for the fitness enthusiast to get ahead. And with each trend that becomes the hottest topic in the world of fitness, another one follows, setting the tone for the changes you see the following year. As we enter the last quarter of 2017, let’s discover some of the emerging fitness trends that will shape the following [...]

Always Prepared – Vegan Power Foods for Every Occasion

Now that you’ve gone vegan, it’s clear that there is an endless list of foods and recipes that are ideal for plant-based athletes. Whether you’re looking for ideas for a protein-packed snack or are perusing vegan breakfast options, vegans have a perfect food for every occasion. But what about those times in-between? What food do you grab for a midnight snack or as a pre-workout boost before hitting the gym? Those are the foods we’re going to explore today. [...]

The Warrior Vegan – Exploring the Influx of Vegan MMA Stars and Bodybuilders

When you think of a professional bodybuilder, what comes to mind? You’re most likely picturing images of men and women posing with muscles and veins bulging out of their skin. Even to other athletes, it may seem like these people consume 12,000 calories a day and spend every waking minute in the gym. You don’t have to be a nutritionist to know that meats have by far the most protein of any food group – So why are so [...]

10 Can’t Miss Podcasts for Curious Vegans

Vegans are a tight-knit community and the ways that they spread their values are increasingly innovative. Podcasts have become a major form of media in 2017 and there are podcasts for virtually every movement, trend, and sub-culture. Vegans who want to connect and share their values can listen to podcasts for free if they have a smartphone. Learn more about this rapidly growing form of media that can be used to expand vegan values: the podcast! Pod-What? – Brief Overview [...]

August 2017

12 Vegan Foods You’ve Probably Never Heard of

Are you a vegan who feels like you’ve tried everything? Then are you familiar with Tiger Nuts? What about Kai-Lan, the veggie typically known as Chinese broccoli? Part of the fun of a new diet is trying the myriad of foods and recipes that are available. For vegans, this means exploring the rarest fruits, vegetables, and grains from around the world. 2 Approaches to Food When it comes to food, people typically fall on two ends of the adventurousness spectrum. There [...]

Fueling Your Paleo Lifestyle – 6 High-Carb Vegetables

For those who eat anything they want, getting enough carbs is ridiculously easy – bread and pastas have carbs in abundance. Grains are an excellent source of carbohydrates in the same way that meat is generally a phenomenal source of protein. But grains are not allowed on Paleo. Since a lack of carbohydrates can leave you without the energy to perform at your full potential, it’s important to know where to look for a healthy amount. Paleo people must [...]

Paleo Power – 6 Epic Reasons to Eat Like a Caveman

Are you familiar with the Paleo diet? You may have heard it mentioned at your gym, CrossFit studio, or other places where athletes gather. Trademarked in a book called The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain, the Paleo Diet has taken the world by storm, surging in popularity among those who want to lose weight, cultivate more energy, and live a lifestyle that is more in tune with their your savage roots. Let’s explore this revolutionary diet and see why [...]