December 2017

The Fearless Vegan – Interview with First Vegan to Scale Mt. Everest, Kuntal Joisher

Those who are passionate about the vegan lifestyle are sometimes driven to accomplish great achievements in the name of their cause. In the case of Kuntal Joisher, his cause was preventing cruelty to animals and helping reduce impact to our environment through veganism. Additionally, among his many accomplishments is being the first vegan to scale Mt. Everest. Discover a truly remarkable vegan who exemplifies the ideals of being dedicated, determined, and driven. Kuntal’s Upbringing as a Gujarati Vegetarian Kuntal was [...]


The Extra Edge that Improves Your Performance – A Guide to Supplements

Have you ever walked through a nutrition store wondering what all the colorful powders and jars with muscle-bound people on them can do for your workout? With so many choices, it can be a challenge to decide what you need and to be confident that it’ll make a difference. From fat-burners and pre-workout supplements to protein powders and post-workout blends that enhance recovery, supplements offer legit advantages for those who know how and when to use them. However, not [...]

November 2017

Lies and Coverups – How the Sugar Association Hid Damaging Research

From books and documentaries to athletes and medical professionals, sources everywhere are using terms like “white poison” when referring to sugar. The reasons why sugar is detrimental to our health are many, and they range from being the leading cause of obesity to the only cause of tooth decay. While saturated fat has long been considered one of the leading causes of heart disease, a new investigation, hidden from the public, shows that sugar may actually be to blame. On [...]

Saying Goodbye to Sugar – Why Americans are Swearing off of the Sweet Stuff

Let’s face it – America is addicted to sugar. The average American consumes 156 pounds of the sweet white stuff each year and it’s in 80% of our packaged foods. With mounting research showing that sugar does more harm than good, many people are choosing to forego it in favor of less harmful alternatives. Explore the damage sugar causes to your health and some of the alternatives that are rising in popularity.   But Isn’t Sugar Found in Nature? It’s true [...]

Vegans of the Internet – Interview with Ashley from

There’s no doubt that the popularity of the internet continues to have a major effect on our culture. Those who want to learn about a particular topic or lifestyle have the means to do so, at least as long as there are people who care enough to create websites and blogs that explain those topics. Fortunately for those wanting to research veganism, they have numerous online resources to draw from – as it turns out, vegans care a lot [...]

October 2017

Champions of the Vegan Lifestyle – 6 Outspoken Celebrities

Celebrities play a distinct and powerful role in our society. Whether you’re somebody who has your favorite celebrities that you love so much that you follow their every move on social media or the opposite kind of person that would barely remember an actor’s name if you met them, we can’t deny that celebrities have the power of recognition – when they speak up for a cause, millions of people listen. The Courage to Speak Up Fortunately for the vegan [...]

We review Nishiki Ramen's new and delicious Vegan Delight.

Ready to Experience, Hands Down, the Best Vegan Ramen This Side of the Mississippi?

  Deep in central San Diego, in the neighborhood of Kearny Mesa, one can find the stunningly delicious Nishiki Ramen. Founded in 2015, it has only taken two years for Nishiki to make a name for itself as the best fresh ramen in all of San Diego — the best in California even. When we say their ramen is mouthwateringly tasty, we are not exaggerating. It’s that good. Three words: freshly made noodles. Made in the restaurant, same day. Heck, you can even [...]

Add the Power of Plants to Your Smoothies – Soy, Pea, and Hemp Proteins

It’s arguably the most basic thing you learn when you want to start building your muscles – they need protein to grow. While you may be able to list foods that contain ample amounts of protein, you may not realize that different types of protein have different effects on your body. Explore the differences between major types of powdered protein and consider which ones you want to implement in your diet plan. The Smoothie – A Fitness Gamechanger After [...]

Fashion Meets Compassion: An Interview with the Owner of Vegan Chic

Everyone knows that veganism is a choice to eliminate animal products from your diet, but it’s easy to forget that it’s so much more than that. Products ranging from wine to purses regularly use animal products in their construction, and it’s important for savvy vegans to distinguish between them. Fortunately, vegan business owners like Mark Mulcahy do due diligence to ensure that their products truly are worthy of the cruelty-free label. Vegan Businesses – Putting Values at the Forefront The [...]

Serious about Getting Shredded? Keto Can Help!

If you’re into staying fit, then it’s likely that you’ve tried a low-carb diet at some point in your life. From Atkins to Paleo, there are many popular diets that are driven by a very low intake of carbohydrates. The ketogenic diet, or keto as it’s often called, takes the low carb diet a step further, using it as a method to produce ketones. As you enter a state of ketosis, the lack of carbs causes your body to [...]