May 2017

6 Solid Reasons to Go Vegan

Are you the type of person that cares about the quality of food you put in your body? Have you ever thought about the overall impact of your dietary choices? If so, then the clean-living vegan lifestyle may be for you. Ideal for optimum health, fitness, and sustainability of the environment, veganism is a lifestyle that considers far more than the needs of the individual – although it excels in that area as well. To Care or Not to Care If [...]

You Want to go Vegan. This is How to Start!

Depending on how crazy your dietary habits have been throughout your life, it can require an adjustment period to adapt to the vegan lifestyle. If you’ve kept your meals mostly natural, it should be an easy transition, but if your meal plan looks like a who’s who of popular fast food restaurants, then switching to a clean-eating vegan diet can be a challenge. Luckily, millions of people have done it, and many have shared their secrets to adopting a [...]

These 10 Vegan Staples Will Pack on Serious Muscle

We all know the vegan diet is ideal for weight loss and fitness, but what about for athletes and those who want to bulk up? Once you know the best plant and grain-based protein sources, then yes, you can produce serious muscular gains on a vegan diet. Follow in the footsteps of great vegan athletes by optimizing your muscle growth with these 10 high-protein vegan staples. Vegans: More Awesome than you May Realize! Did you know that Mike Tyson is vegan? [...]

Prepare Your Ultimate Beach Body with Protein-packed Vegan Snacks

When was the last time you laid out under the sun? Summer is almost here, and with it, the opportunity for fun on your favorite beach. The vegan diet is excellent for slimming down, but maintaining muscle requires a steady supply of high-protein vegan foods. Finding high protein foods is the biggest challenge for vegans, but don’t worry, we got your back. You can have the athletic beach body you’ve always wanted while staying true to your vegan lifestyle. Is [...]

April 2017

5 Undeniable Health Advantages Of A Vegan Diet

If you’re not yet familiar with veganism, it’s the term for those who choose to avoid animal products including meat, fish, eggs, and dairy. While vegans have different reasons for their dietary choices, the benefits of the vegan lifestyle are undeniable. Providing phenomenal heart benefits and a very real chance of preventing cancer, veganism is a clean lifestyle that offers a lifetime of optimal health. If you decide to go vegan, remember that Bhu Foods has you covered with their [...]

Wait?! A Protein Bar That’s Healthy, Tasty, AND Alkaline? Yep!

What does your favorite protein bar do for you? Staring at the health foods aisle in a grocery store reveals that protein bars promise many things. One topic you won’t see mentioned though is that they’re often loaded with sugar. This sugar can do far more harm to your fitness level than any other ingredient on the list. That’s where Bhu Foods comes in. Completely free from GMOs and gluten, Vegan Organic Protein Bars are low in sugar and [...]

March 2017

vegan protein cookie

Vegan Protein Cookies

Very few sweets delight like the taste of freshly baked cookies. Their rich, melt in your mouth, sugary taste has yanked many an earnest soul off the challenging path to health and wellbeing. No dentist on the planet is skilled enough to extract the sweet tooth of a die-hard sweets lover. What is a sweets lover to do? Bhu to the rescue! Luckily our mission at Bhu is to help such tormented souls transition away from sugary snacks by offering [...]

December 2016

Organic Protein Bars

5 Ways for Weight Domination this Holiday Season

The holiday season is without doubt one of the hardest times for people to lose weight! Heck most people would be happy if they didn’t gain weight during the holidays, yet alone lose weight. Here are a few tips that will help keep you from packing the pounds on over the next few weeks.Plan and Limit Your Alcohol Consumption Avoiding alcohol all together is your best bet, but with holiday parties this may not be realistic. Planning when you will [...]

September 2016

Weight Loss Protein Bars (part 1 of 3)

Here at Bhu Foods, we are deeply conscious of health and wellbeing and come from a place of care to support those who are intending to lose weight. Our bars are high in fiber and protein, while free from cane sugar, sucralose and sugar alcohols, and are made entirely with ingredients which are “of the earth.” You can count on us to provide you with body-loving nutrition, especially for healthy snacking and on-the-go goodness. Specifically, our founder Laura Katleman comes [...]

Bhu Goes to Hollywood

If we had any doubt about whether the movement we’re creating at Bhu is relevant or important, it was completely dispelled yesterday. Our Tribe went to Hollywood yesterday, one of only 40 companies invited to participate in Honoring the Emmys at the W Hotel hosted by Celerity Connected.  The 200 celebrities and social media influencers were blown away by Bhu. [...]