May 2018

Troubleshooting Keto – Get Back on Track and Maximize Your Results

The ketogenic diet continues to grow in popularity. As research mounts regarding its unparalleled weight loss potential, many are drawn towards the keto diet to earn those results for themselves. But more than other diets, keto can be demanding and some people may plateau, seeing their results grind to a halt. Discover some of the more common conditions that can stunt your progress on the keto diet, and find out what you can do to get back on the [...]

Build Muscle On Keto By Using Supplements the Smart Way

Did you know that 170 million Americans have used dietary supplements in recent years? With health and fitness becoming a mainstream part of life for many Americans, the decision of whether to use supplements is one that faces every athlete. Ranging from pre-workout powders that provide an energy boost and set your muscles up for success to protein powders which provide the amino acids your muscles need to thrive, the intelligent use of supplements can kickstart your journey to [...]

April 2018

Vegan protein powders can help supercharge your muscle building.

Veganism Is Good For Our Earth

There are a plethora of reasons why going vegan can help our earth. We are a society of consumers. We love our habits and rituals, yet when challenged, they can die hard. To make a switch to entirely new choices for food and nourishment takes time, energy, dedication, and practice. Becoming a vegan isn’t something that happens overnight. There is typically a crisis that might set off this choice practice, or a decision to explore new lifestyles becomes apparent, [...]

Spreading Wisdom and Wellness – Interview with the Owner of Epic Yoga, Leanne Woehlke

Have you ever tried Yoga? What was your experience like? Many people love yoga for its many benefits that span from lower blood pressure to improved ability to sleep, but some choose to take their training much further. Meet Leanne Woehlke, an entrepreneur and yoga expert who decided to take her extensive training and spread the joy of yoga to others – as the owner of her own popular yoga studio. Discover the challenges and tough choices that led [...]

Low Carb Partying – What to Know Before Drinking Alcohol on the Keto Diet

A survey from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism revealed that over 70% of Americans over 18 reported drinking alcohol within the previous year.   Responsible consumption of alcohol is such a popular social past-time, there’s no reason that those who follow the keto diet should be left out of the party – or is there? Since those who follow the keto diet consume such few carbs, alcohol does have different effects on those who are in ketosis. [...]

Hardcore Keto – Where’s the Line Between Strict and Practical?

Who do you count on as the ultimate resource for the keto diet? While everyone agrees on the fundamental principle of the keto diet – that training your body to burn ketones rather than glucose provides a host of valuable benefits – some keto experts disagree on other key points of the keto lifestyle. This begs questions like is the most strict keto expert always the best one to follow, and is it safe to trust others who abide [...]

March 2018

The Mindful Differences Between the Keto Diet and the Whole30 Food Plan

Ah, the world of dieting trends, food plans, and choices. We, as a society, are accustomed to changes in nutrition and how they impact our wellness. Today’s top low-carbohydrate diets are the Keto diet and the Whole30 Food plan, both of which offer exceptional paths towards eating as our ancestors did while maintaining a positive journey towards healthy weight loss. Each meal plan has specific guidelines that can provide reliable help in achieving your wellness goals. Breaking Things Down With [...]

Deeply Involved – 4 Ways to Get the Most Out of the Keto Diet

While many diets require you to follow simple rules for managing caloric intake, the ketogenic diet is different. To master keto, you must keep your carb intake low, but you also need a solid understanding of concepts ranging from ketosis to glucose and insulin. Indeed, your keto journey will very likely be a learning experience that will boost your knowledge of nutrition, anatomy, and the way your body functions. Explore these four ways that you can take your involvement [...]

Take Our 20 Question Keto Quiz and Test Your Knowledge

Confident in your knowledge of the keto lifestyle? Have you shared your keto knowledge with family and friends? If you are able to ace our keto quiz, then you just might be on your way to becoming a keto master. Test your knowledge of this remarkable dietary lifestyle and see how well you know the terms, foods, and rules of the diet. The Keto Craze – Why is it so Popular? While many diets come and go, evidence suggests [...]

Keto Influencers – 5 Popular Keto Channels on YouTube

In 2018, there are numerous ways to learn more about trends, hobbies, and lifestyles that resonate with your own. These educationalg sources of the modern era include podcasts, social media outlets, and good old fashion internet research. But one site takes the cake when it comes to offering a one-stop-shop for learning, entertainment, and fun: YouTube. Find out how you can use YouTube to seriously upgrade your knowledge on the keto diet. How Can You Use YouTube? Founded in 2005 [...]