June 2017

Boost Your Energy Levels with These 10 Superfoods of the Vegan Diet

All foods are not created equally. Some are potent in the nutrients that matter to human beings – the vitamins and minerals that make us heal, grow, and function. While some foods have negative aspects such as high sugar content, superfoods have far more positives than drawbacks. Superfoods are the foods that leave you feeling energetic and fully-charged, and luckily, the vegan diet is robust with such powerful plant-based options. Find out which ones made our list of the [...]

This Vegan Diet Worksheet Will Set You Up for Success

You’ve decided to go all in on the vegan lifestyle. How do you set yourself up for success? How will you respond to the many vegan questions you’ll receive? What will you do when you’re starving and don’t know what to cook? By simply answering the questions posed in this vegan worksheet, you’ll have a strong foundation that leaves you prepared for many situations that new vegans often face. The Vegan Success Worksheet There’s no need to rack your brain thinking [...]

Going Vegan? Supplement These 5 Nutrients to Maintain Peak Performance

No diet is perfect. The vegan diet offers life-changing advantages to those who commit to it, but the lack of meat, dairy, and fish means that a few key nutrients are lacking. Fortunately, this is a simple obstacle that can be overcome with a balanced diet and the right selection of supplements. I’m Vegan Now – What is Missing from My Diet? You’ve made the bold decision to go vegan. With this decision comes rewards that will change your life, including [...]

May 2017

4 Key Tips for Success on the Vegan Diet

You’ve read about the benefits, heard from your vegan friends, and are ready to take the plunge into the meatless lifestyle. This is a decision that will change your life, resulting in increased longevity, less chance of major illnesses, and a sure path to health and fitness. These tips will help you succeed. Not Everyone Makes the Cut as a Vegan The vegan diet is a lot of things to a lot of people, but it isn’t always easy. Whether your [...]

What’s the deal with Woo-Woo Wellness?

One look at the AwakenWithJP satirical YouTube channel and you will be either laughing, a little offended, or just more informed about the woo-woo aspect of new age wellness.  JP Sears, one of the newest YouTubers to find fame on the platform, has taught us all about woo-woo lifestyle through his videos.  In an age where instead of just going to the doctor for your health, you can go online and find a plethora of wellness options, from the [...]

6 Solid Reasons to Go Vegan

Are you the type of person that cares about the quality of food you put in your body? Have you ever thought about the overall impact of your dietary choices? If so, then the clean-living vegan lifestyle may be for you. Ideal for optimum health, fitness, and sustainability of the environment, veganism is a lifestyle that considers far more than the needs of the individual – although it excels in that area as well. To Care or Not to Care If [...]

Plant Protein: Eat Like a Gladiator

All strength – including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – comes from within. With that in mind, what you put inside your body can seriously impact your strength on all fronts. Powering your body with healthy, sustainable foods is just a key way of supporting your inner self and long-term lifestyle goals. If you’re ready to give yourself unlimited opportunities to succeed, think about adding plant protein to your diet. Historically used to help gladiators fight their way to [...]

You Want to go Vegan. This is How to Start!

Depending on how crazy your dietary habits have been throughout your life, it can require an adjustment period to adapt to the vegan lifestyle. If you’ve kept your meals mostly natural, it should be an easy transition, but if your meal plan looks like a who’s who of popular fast food restaurants, then switching to a clean-eating vegan diet can be a challenge. Luckily, millions of people have done it, and many have shared their secrets to adopting a [...]

You’ve got genetically modified protein bars!

What?! Most protein bars have stuff in them that has been created in a lab by mad scientists. Say it isn’t so! Unfortunately, it is.  But there are many things you can do, including buying from Bhu.  In this article we’re going to break down the GMO dilemma, and, include some things you can do about it.   The “Why” Behind GMOS There has been a lot of controversy over genetically modified organisms and what it means by introducing them into our bodies [...]

These 10 Vegan Staples Will Pack on Serious Muscle

We all know the vegan diet is ideal for weight loss and fitness, but what about for athletes and those who want to bulk up? Once you know the best plant and grain-based protein sources, then yes, you can produce serious muscular gains on a vegan diet. Follow in the footsteps of great vegan athletes by optimizing your muscle growth with these 10 high-protein vegan staples. Vegans: More Awesome than you May Realize! Did you know that Mike Tyson is vegan? [...]