March 2017

vegan protein cookie

Vegan Protein Cookies

Very few sweets delight like the taste of freshly baked cookies. Their rich, melt in your mouth, sugary taste has yanked many an earnest soul off the challenging path to health and wellbeing. No dentist on the planet is skilled enough to extract the sweet tooth of a die-hard sweets lover. What is a sweets lover to do? Bhu to the rescue! Luckily our mission at Bhu is to help such tormented souls transition away from sugary snacks by offering [...]

February 2017


The Sanity of Satiety

Satiety is the experience of fullness from receiving the proper nourishment. When you sit down to eat a meal, you are most likely looking to satisfy your deep-seated need to feel full. Internally your brain is saying, “Hey there! There glucose levels in your blood stream are too low – TIME TO EAT!” And so you stroll (or run) over to the fridge, or that cafe on the corner, for a quick fix or maybe a nourishing salad. There are a [...]

When Sugar Lets You Down

Oh Sugar, one of those relationships that promises to be there for you when you’re in need.  You put your faith in it to give you a little energy, tell you you’re a good person, give you some sweet sensations, and then a hour later you’re back in the doldrums.     Even before we put sugar in our mouths our minds are prepping us to think that sugar is the answer to our needs.  And in fact, our thoughts are [...]

Celebrate Sweetness without Sugar on Valentine’s Day

The sweetest day of the year is here – Valentine’s Day.  Its all about showering the person you love with love!  Many times we commercialize this to mean gifts, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  This holiday has so much potential so lets dive in and get a little more intimate. Valentine’s Day has a long history.  Originally, it was a festival to celebrate fertility and honor the origins of Rome (1).  At the height of the festival [...]

January 2017

Lighten Up With Bhu Fit Bars

If you are looking for ways to eat healthy, non-sugary snacks, and get a little lighter in body, mind, and spirit; we’re here for you.  Bhu Fit bars were developed just for that reason.  Will you be able to float like a butterfly – probably not.  Hopefully you won’t need to sting like a bee.  But you might get as strong as a boxer with our whole food ingredients that come from the earth, a super strong spaceship carrying [...]

Health Success in the New Year

Many New Year’s Resolutions, while well-intended, ultimately fail because they do not take into account our whole person and our deeper needs. Let’s address some of those deeper needs and break through the barriers to having and sustaining a fabulous new year. Numero uno is we are not kind enough to ourselves in the process of implementing our resolutions.  We become very rigid with ourselves – “we must do it this way;” “we must eat this way;” “we must not [...]

December 2016

Organic Protein Bars

5 Ways for Weight Domination this Holiday Season

The holiday season is without doubt one of the hardest times for people to lose weight! Heck most people would be happy if they didn’t gain weight during the holidays, yet alone lose weight. Here are a few tips that will help keep you from packing the pounds on over the next few weeks. Plan and Limit Your Alcohol Consumption Avoiding alcohol all together is your best bet, but with holiday parties this may not be realistic. Planning when you will [...]

September 2016

Weight Loss Protein Bars (part 1 of 3)

Here at Bhu Foods, we are deeply conscious of health and wellbeing and come from a place of care to support those who are intending to lose weight. Our bars are high in fiber and protein, while free from cane sugar, sucralose and sugar alcohols, and are made entirely with ingredients which are “of the earth.” You can count on us to provide you with body-loving nutrition, especially for healthy snacking and on-the-go goodness. Specifically, our founder Laura Katleman comes [...]

Bhu Goes to Hollywood

If we had any doubt about whether the movement we’re creating at Bhu is relevant or important, it was completely dispelled yesterday. Our Tribe went to Hollywood yesterday, one of only 40 companies invited to participate in Honoring the Emmys at the W Hotel hosted by Celerity Connected. The 200 celebrities and social media influencers were blown away by Bhu. Our little table was mobbed from the moment the doors opened! It was hard to keep up!  The stars were so [...]

Welcome To The Bhu Fit Tribe

Our founder, Laura, talks of Bhu’s commitment to your health and a healthy environment. Come home to Bhu – take the time because you are worth the time. From the get go, I knew that if I was going to start a new business that it had to be of a different order. It could not simply be “business as business has always been done.” It had to represent a paradigm shift away from the “profit at all costs” model in [...]