February 2019

Year of Fitness – Conquering Trails in the Sun

When was the last time you exercised outside? With the benefits from the sun, fresh air, and virtually limitless possibilities, committing to a workout regimen in the outdoors can be just the thing to take your fitness to the next level. There are hundreds of sports and ways to burn calories in the outdoors, but hiking is one that’s universal and available in every city in the world. Learn more about the adventure and fitness advantages that come from [...]

Year of Fitness – Acclimating to Gym Life

Have you sworn to get serious about going to the gym, but something about the experience makes it too difficult? If that question brings up thoughts about how much you hate the gym, then there may be some reason for your aversion. Is it the intimidating people who look like they’ve never missed a workout day in their life? Or perhaps the oddly-shaped equipment makes you feel confused and out of place. Explore many of the greatest benefits to [...]

September 2017

6 Emerging Fitness Trends You Should Know About in 2017

To those who are passionate about their level of fitness, every advantage counts. From supplements to elaborate diet plans, there are numerous ways for the fitness enthusiast to get ahead. And with each trend that becomes the hottest topic in the world of fitness, another one follows, setting the tone for the changes you see the following year. As we enter the last quarter of 2017, let’s discover some of the emerging fitness trends that will shape the following [...]