September 2018

Sweet Controversy – Which Sweeteners May Be Bad for You?

As of 2018, most people are aware of the many types of damage caused by sugar. “Sugar is bad for your teeth, your body, and your mind,” says local periodontist, Dr. Christopher Henninger. “The more of it you can cut out, the better.” With dozens of sugar substitutes on the market, how can we be sure that they won’t pose problems of their own? The fact is, many of the sweeteners we love – even the ones that have soared [...]

Finding Your Monk Fruit: Know the Best Products and Brands

Whether it was mentioned in an anti-sugar documentary or you read it off the label of a new protein bar you tried recently, monk fruit is making its way into the mainstream foods and stores you love most. Now that you know that there are a lot of reasons that monk fruit deserves a place in your pantry, let’s explore the various brands and foods that provide this remarkable sweetener. Switching to Monk Fruit – The No Calorie Sweetener Whether [...]

August 2018

What Are the Best Natural Sweeteners Besides Monk Fruit?

Sugar has been a controversial yet popular additive in food for centuries, but recent research and documentaries like The Magic Pill have drawn attention to the problems with sugar, causing many to search for a substitute. While dozens of options for a sugar alternative exist, not all of them are great for you and some are made from chemicals you wouldn’t want in your body. Finding a Natural Alternative In addition to the numerous man-made sweeteners that are on the [...]

Exploring the Many Ways to Enjoy Monk Fruit

Anyone who has followed a diet knows that it’s fun to discover new foods and try to include  them in your diet in different ways. Those who take a chance on monk fruit will discover a food that has a taste and benefits that are unlike anything else out there. Explore this rare, versatile fruit, and learn about the numerous ways you can use it on a daily basis. Monk Fruit – A Rare and Versatile Superfood Monk fruit is [...]

July 2018

Monk Fruit vs Stevia: Which Sweetener is Right for You?

Ever since saccharine was accidentally discovered in 1879 by a scientist at Johns Hopkins University, the ongoing quest for the perfect artificial sweetener has continued. Many of these artificial sweeteners have benefits over sugar, such as fewer calories, but they also have distinct characteristics including taste and preparation. Discover the differences between two of the most popular sugar-substitutes, Stevia and Monk Fruit. Commonalities: The Natural Origins of Stevia and Monk Fruit One thing that Stevia and Monk Fruit each [...]

4 Benefits of Monk Fruit and Why it’s a Healthy Alternative to Sugar

In the world of fruits, there are the obvious choices we all know: Apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, and others that are found in every neighborhood grocery store. Then there are the exotic choices, the fruits you may not even recognize if you saw them. This list is just as plentiful and includes rare gems like dragon fruit, cupuacu, mangosteen, and the African Horned Cucumber. One notable exotic fruit that has gained popularity in recent years as a healthy sugar [...]