October 2018

Sweet Origins – The Sources of Popular Sugar Substitutes

Which is your favorite sweetener? Do you know if it comes from a plant source or if it’s a chemical derivative? Understanding where our food comes from is a trend that’s at an all-time height of popularity. People have spent over $40 Billion dollars on foods that are labeled organic, showing that the sources of our food are a vital concern to many. Sugar substitutes are another popular food that has a wide range of sources. From the monk [...]

September 2018

Sweet Controversy – Which Sweeteners May Be Bad for You?

As of 2018, most people are aware of the many types of damage caused by sugar. “Sugar is bad for your teeth, your body, and your mind,” says local periodontist, Dr. Christopher Henninger. “The more of it you can cut out, the better.” With dozens of sugar substitutes on the market, how can we be sure that they won’t pose problems of their own? The fact is, many of the sweeteners we love – even the ones that have soared [...]