A. Our bars are sweetened with Monk Fruit (a melon-like gourd) and Prebiotic Tapioca Fiber to keep them naturally low on the glycemic index. We use zero cane sugar, sugar alcohols, or artificial flavors.

Natural sweeteners like the monk fruit contain no calories or carbohydrates, are easily digested, and do not produce an insulin spike when absorbed into the bloodstream. Sugar alcohols, although not artificial, can wreak havoc on your gut and digestive system. They also cause insulin spikes which contribute to hypoglycemia, weight gain, diabetes, and metabolic disease.

If you’d like to see our ingredients and nutrition facts please visit: https://www.bhufoods.com/protein-bar-ingredients/ . We have received feedback from many customers who have dietary restrictions (including diabetes) that have stated our bars are the only bars that don’t spike their blood sugar or cause any adverse reactions.  With this being said, we are not physicians, so if you have dietary constrictions or concerns please consult your doctor and reference our ingredient lists/nutrition facts.