A. We Use 3 types of protein for our Bars: Whey Protein (Primal Bars), Egg White Protein (Paleo Bars), and Pea Protein (Vegan Bars).

Our whey protein is a concentrate. It comes from Grass-Fed cows and is also RGBH-free whey protein (artificial growth hormone-free) . The idea of using Grass-Fed cows is that the resulting product will be free of growth hormones, harmful antibiotics and steroid hormones such as testosterone.

Our Pea protein is USDA certified organic. Pea protein, especially important for vegan diets, is a low-carb, plant based, hypoallergenic protein supplement derived from peas. It contains iron and essential amino acids, is easily digested, and assists the body with muscle recovery and blood sugar circulation.

Egg White protein is high quality source of protein that is a staple in the Paleo diet. Paleo refers to anything that is free of legumes, grains, or dairy.