Giving Back

Bahia Banderas Act-Now Project

The Bahia Banderas Act-Now Project aims to restore our world’s coral reefs through the use of Bahia Banderas Act-Now Projectnanotechnology verified from studies from the University of Guadalajara. The Oceanic Resuscitation Technology also restores plankton, which are seeds for the coral that feed on toxins that restore our crystal clear waters and feed the marine life.

“This UN team’s Oceanic Resuscitation Technology regenerated coral a record 5 inches in 5 weeks that sometimes takes years,” reported marine biologist-professor Maria Elena Ruelas.

For more information on the Bahia Banderas Act-Now Project and the innovative solution to restoring our oceans, click here. – Supporting the Evolution of Consciousness on The Planet

“Dharma” is a Sanskrit word that means one’s way or path in life that is aligned with our role or purpose in the world. When we live aligned with our ‘dharma’, we become increasingly happy, our life gains meaning and purpose, we feel increasingly good about ourselves and our life.

Our dharma is often found by doing what is necessary to be done that is currently before us in our life. When we do our duty and meet our responsibilities, the more capable and skilled in meeting difficulties and challenges in doing these the more we develop and mature.

New Dharma is an expression of the new consciousness that has already descended to the planet. Its purpose is to show a new possibility for mankind that is already striving to manifest itself in the collective consciousness. New Dharma is a way of living in alignment with the divine presence that already exists within each of us. It is a path that expands and integrates direct experience and awareness of that transcendent divine principle into the day-to-day challenges and opportunities of individual and collective life.