Bhu's Wholesale Protein Bars

Why buy our Bhu Fit bars wholesale? If you have tried our bars then you know the Wholesale Protein Barsanswer. They are simply the best tasting, cleanest, high-quality food-based protein bars on the market.  So why not get the best deal you can when you purchase them?

If you “Bhu,” or if you have a store that “Bhu’s,” you can save big money buying by the case lot.  Most of us here on the team have made the bars a staple in our diet, happily devouring 2-3 protein bars per day.  When you add it up, that’s 60-90 bars or 5-9 caddies per month! At that rate, it’s definitely easier on the pocketbook to buy by wholesale protein bars.  For example, if you buy one case you save 13 percent. But buy three cases or more and guess what—you save a whopping 26 percent. No brainer!

The best news is that you can mix and match caddies allowing you to sample different protein bars every day. Monday can be Apple Chunk Cinnamon Nutmeg day, and then you can treat yourself to Fudge Brownie Batter Tuesday, and Cookie Dough Wednesday. You get the idea, now save yourself some dough.